MEOHUB je funkční prvek asociace, níže uvádíme podmínky spolupráce mezi donátorem – společností MEOPTA a zájemcem:

MeoHub is a global program originally intended to support innovative Czech businesses that were ready to expand to the U.S. As owners of affiliated businesses in the Czech Republic and United States, we understand the unique strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of each market. We also have unique experience overcoming the challenges Czech businesses have in entering the U.S. market. One of the major challenges these businesses face are the many barriers to entry and costs associated with establishing a presence in the U.S. Our goal was to reduce these barriers and minimize the cost by providing administrative and logistical services as well as guidance and support and infrastructure to aid in the expansion.

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Business Model & Criteria

It is essential to understand our business model. We are not consultants, we are partners. Our success is tied directly to the success of our partners. This means that we are extremely selective in the companies that we choose to work with. While we do not limit ourselves to particular business areas, we seek partners who generally meet the following criteria.

  • Innovative Product/Service: Partners should demonstrate innovation in their offering. They must offer a better alternative to what is in the marketplace and demonstrate that it would be clearly competitive in the US market.
  • Financial Stability: Partners should have a proven track record with sales (or a sales trajectory) that would support the financial commitment that expansion to the U.S. would demand.
  • Willingness to Invest: While our support will reduce the costs of entry to the U.S. market, it will still require investment on the part of our partners and they should be prepared, willing and able to make such investments.
  • International: Our partners should demonstrate an understanding of markets outside the Czech Republic. Often they have successfully expanded to other European countries and are ready to take the next step.

These criteria are just initial guidelines and are not rigidly applied. Our application process gives us the opportunity to get to know the prospective businesses quite well and we are very committed to this process as it is mutually beneficial. It would do our potential partners a disservice to admit them to the program if they were not set up for success in the United States.



The services that we provide vary depending on the needs of our partner businesses and would sometimes be covered by a separate agreement with our partners, but in the past have included:


  • Administrative
    • Entity formation
    • Introduction to professionals (accountants, lawyers, consultants etc.) necessary to support their particular business needs
    • Assistance with licensing needs
    • Coordination with local authorities and government agencies
    • Business model assistance, assistance with tax filing and related issues


  • Logistical
    • Warehousing and fulfillment
    • Preferential rates on freight
    • Inclusion in Meopta’s weekly consolidated shipment
    • Support of the partners’ supply chain (Access to Meopta’s robust global supply chain)
    • Purchasing support
    • Financial Support (Bookkeeping support)
    • Introduction to experienced freight forwarders


  • Infrastructure
    • Office space (previously in Long Island, NY, now in the Tampa, FL area)
    • IT infrastructure and support


  • Sales Support*
    • Introduction to relevant partners
    • Assistance in finding distributors or sales reps.
    • Market knowledge and support
    • Access to complementary trade shows and exhibitions
    • *MeoHub is not a consultant and not an expert in every business that its partners engage in. Thus the sales support will varying depending on the business of the partner. Some members of the first group of MeoHub partners were in complementary businesses to Meopta and thus Meopta was able to provide added sales support and contacts and to have them exhibit alongside Meopta at certain exhibitions.


MeoHub CZ:

We are also in the process of launching MeoHub CZ as part of our new Meopta Enterprise venture located at our Prerov campus.  This program will provide access to Czech technology companies and start ups (as well as global technology companies seeking to enter the EU market) access to Meopta’s extensive technological infrastructure in Prerov. This includes access to millions of dollars of equipment and extensive R&D support that would normally be out of reach for most companies. It provides companies access to technologies and markets that are otherwise difficult to access. We can provide additional information about this program as it progresses in its development.