Sustainability strategy

Dear readers,


Is small and medium-sized business sustainable? Yes! Today’s advantages are speed and the ability to adapt. Those who have stood still for a while are standing aside. And it is the small businesses and sole traders that are lightning-fast able to do this, unlike large corporations. That is why innovation is also born in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are able to make quick decisions at one table and adapt to customer and client demands.


Until recently, the abbreviation “CSR” and the issue of sustainability were relatively unknown terms in the SME segment. However, visionary entrepreneurs have naturally started spreading them. The rapid economic dynamics of the last two years have resulted in very good economic results for both corporations and the SME segment. However, a major global blow to business was dealt by the new coronavirus in early 2020, completely changing the business environment. SMEs and sole traders have become the most vulnerable group.


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