Anyone who evaluates the marijuana industry by the end of 2020 will immediately understand one thing. Given the economic, social and political turmoil that has occurred over the past 10 months, the bank has fared better than expected. However, looking closely at the bank can find another key indicator of its success this year. The popularity of extracts is a key driver of industry success.

"Many of the forces have been allied, pushing for the development of marijuana, which is not a secret, says wes Reynolds, the super-critical chief executive of green mill. "The increasing number of consumers across the country, and the consistency, diversity and cognitive security of THC extract products, have contributed to this growth. We expect that growth will continue to be in the next year for a variety of reasons."

According to rout, the spread of CBD extract products across the country will continue to produce acceptance, while consumers' comfort of THC edible bacteria and their convenience and flavor options will grow further. In addition, green mill critically holds that the biggest impact of industry business is the rise of improved technology, and the ability to redefine precise coscope extraction.

Supercritical is a supernecessity

In 2021, CO2 Extraction Machine will break the barriers to entry for oil producers, and the quality of oil will be promoted to allow more consumers to find quality products.

"Of course, the real winners will be handmade extract producers, who will find a new ability to create high-quality products that are stable and safe, and to be sold to anyone, not just the price of the hardcore, the price of the people who are willing to pay," said Jesse Turner, director of r&d at green mill. "This will be done through equipment improvements and novel coderivation methods."

The cois advocate out

Turner further predicts that 2021 May be the "solvent" - the year of the disappearance of "no single best solvent" -- a year that has been achieved by enhanced technology.

"We were in such a period, and different solvents were based on their business advantages or their ability to argue in the laboratory," said the professor Turner. "But as we push the limits of coin technology, develop unique ways to produce different results and try to eliminate the time limits that make some manufacturers unable to use the coacquisition technology, these advantages are disappearing rapidly. In 2021, the most accurate extraction system in the market will be the lowest level of sales of the system."

Technology will promote the development of innovation methodology

Turner says that properly used techniques will enable improved methodologies to promote innovation, save time and money, and create better products.

"The right machine matches the correct method," said the powerful combination, "said the company. "The limits of most extractive machines in the market make it impossible for technical people to explore some of the interesting peer reviews that have been published, which makes the full power of coan and it is still being covered in the back of the veiled."

As an example, Turner noted that he recently studied a new method of extracting THC and thca, which improved the solubility of the target and did not make the bad material more soluble, thereby increasing the extraction efficiency by several order of order. This means that the operator can quickly produce pure, clean extracts and delicate terpenes, very fast.

"In short, you can have production, purity and flexibility in one run," he said. "The start-up coacquisition extraction business will be a huge savings and operating expenditure, and faster production will enable them to make profits faster, making their business sustainable from the start, and preparing for the expansion of the scale in 2021 will be the final year of the real benefit of coborrowing as a solvent."

Green grinding supercritical: experience maximum control

The goal of the green mill's supercritical goal is to push cois to a higher limit, promising the most stringent controls on stress, temperature and traffic in the current market. We have a rich background in the type of engineering design mask based on carbon dioxide extraction and chromatographic equipment, and strong proprietary software makes us stand out in the market. They jointly provide instrument, data-driven accuracy and fully automated system operations. Green mill supercritical is the choice of the quality enterprise. In today's leaner and smarter markets, green mill offers more value than ever.