AMSP is politicaly and economicaly completely independent organization from the very beginning. We do not candidate for any political parties and do not use any public sources regulary. Our aim is no governmental, parliamental or senate post, but to help czech businessmen.

AMSP arguments on the base of exact and defendable datas, not on the base of intuitive and ideological impressions. We manage the largest statistics, databases, analysis a researches which maps segment of small end medium-sized business.

AMSP represents interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, tradesmen, guilds and so on. Through its action tools we create the widest informational, legislativ, economical, social a educational service in the key segments of small and medium-sized business.

Main association activities

AMSP covers these following segments:

The main project with the aim of supporting business in a challenging economic period

Year of new technologies 2022

The main project of 2022 with the aim of developing a small business using modern technologies.

The main project for year 2021 supporting new opportunities and approaches to business.

The platform for family business

The platform of AMSP ČR for crafts and guilds

The platform of AMSP ČR for small shops

Platform for entrepreneurs 55+

The platform of AMSP ČR focused on women in business

The platform of AMSP ČR for young people in business and starting businessmen

The platform of AMSP ČR for small pubs, bars and restaurants.

The platform of AMSP ČR for local growers and prouducers of food.

The main project for year 2020 supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main project for year 2019 supporting digitization of small business

The main project for year 2018 supporting family business

The main project for year 2017 supporting business in the country

Main project of the year 2016 to support crafts

Actual topics

What are they talking about?

EET portal

We have prepared one of the most visited web pages about EET  (Electronic evidence of takings) – facts, helpdesk, hardware and software


We are the main business portal for personal data protection – when, who and how to secure them

Masters of crafts (Mistři řemesel)

We offer the largest list of trusted craftsmen from guilds


We solve bullying and abuse of dominant position, we coordinate the conflicts between businessmen


We have created business base for our companies in New York

Hub India

We have built the background for czech businessmen in Bengalúr, India


We collect data about small and medium-sized business


We have our own large research database about business

Key partners AMSP ČR

With who we work